Jungle Parc



For logistical reasons, we only take group reservations. Individually or with a few participants: Turn up directly at the box office during our opening hours.

Comfortable clothing and sports footwear.

We do not recommend starting at the EXTREME circuit as it is quite difficult. We advise you to start with the EXPLORER circuit as it has 2 different levels within the same circuit (green & black). The black circuit contains more difficult exercises but they are optional.

Children completing the PIRATES circuit are given 1 hour to do so. For adults completing the EXPLORER or EXTREME circuits, please calculate approximately 1 hour. An additional 15 minutes should be added to all courses for training purposes.

No, as we have various circuits with varying levels of difficulty: from beginners to experienced.

(Harness, karabiner clips, pullies): Not a problem, as all participants will complete a small training circuit before attempting the actual course. An instructor will explain how the equipment works and the rules that must be followed.

A cloudy or rainy day does not prevent the operation of the activity. However we do cancel the activity during heavy rain and electric storms. We advise you to call us first as the weather on the island can be variable.

Picnics are not permitted. We have a small bar supplying soft drinks and ice creams. There are picnic areas (beach etc), bars and restaurants close by.

No, as long as the safety rules are respected at all times. This is an autonomous sport and this signifies that each participant is responsible for the correct usage of the rules given by the instructor in the training area.

No, as the activity is autonomous (according to European laws for acrobatic forestal circuits) This signifies that the JUNGLE PARC instructors are there to give instructions in the training area, to monitor the participants within the circuit and intervene when help is required.

No, we only use JUNGLE PARC material, checked and controlled daily by our staff.

Our instructors are trained and experienced in rescues at height and are ready to intervene with abseiling techniques should the situation arise.

No, only the activity participants pay. There are pathways allowing non participants to follow the circuits.

Yes, as long as they remain on a lead and any mess is cleared up.

In the PIRATAS circuit, the participation of the accompanying adult is mandatory. The adult don't climb with the kids, he just watch them from the ground. And one adult will NOT be able to supervise more than 3 children. In the case of the EXPLORADOR route, children 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult in height during the whole course.

Children must be at least 11 years (EXPLORADOR course) and 12 years 8EXTREMO course) to participate without an adult. However participants under 16 years of age must be accompanied by (a walking) adult at all times.

100 meters (on the Extreme circuits), but there are many zip-wires within the circuits ranging between 30 and 90 meters.

No, as the activity requires cooperation from the children (handling karabiner clips on their own)

La presencia de al menos un adulto acompañante es OBLIGATORIA para todos los participantes menores de 16 años. El adulto deberá estar presente en el recinto durante todo el tiempo que dure la actividad. A parte deberéis comprobar todas las restricciones de edades para cada circuito (apartado de recorridos)

The maximum weight is 130 kg. However, it is necessary to take into account the corpulence, despite having XXL harnesses, it has to be able to be adjusted. We also remember that it is a sporting activity, where strength, dexterity, and resistance are required, since you will be in height for approximately 1 hour.